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Welcome to Escape Rooms Middlemoor


Since their introduction from the US sometime around 2004, the Escape Room has rapidly grown to be one of Britain's most distinctive and popular British recreational activities. There is even a reference to them in Gamain’s and Pratchett’s cult book “Good Omens”!


Their premise is both simple but profound; you are "trapped" in a room and must solve a series of puzzles to "escape" within a set period of time (usually an hour, sometimes less, sometimes more). The danger and sense of imprisonment, while an illusion, feels very real while ongoing and presents participants with a fun challenging experience with broad appeal. It's almost as if you are in an action thriller and the plot clock is ticking…


Can you beat the riddles posed by these challenging rooms?


Will you triumph or be defeated??


Come, try our rooms, test your mettle and find out...


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our  escape rooms

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