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Welcome to Escape Rooms Middlemoor!

Welcome to the unique suite of puzzle palaces on offer here 


Currently, we have four.

Their designer, Reece Willows, the maestro of escape room artifice, has spent many hours designing our unique, skillfully themed and challenging conundrum

chambers on site here.


At Escape Rooms Middlemoor you can face the enigma of Sweeney Todd.  Can YOU escape from the Demon Barber of Fleet Street (& Mrs. Lovett).


Succeed and return home in triumph or fail and end up in a pastry....!

Board the Orient Express, facing more than a few enigmas during your imaginal journeys. Around Xmas times normal rail services are suspended as the

Polar Express regularly visits us around this time. 


Our astounding Steampunk escape room is home to a host of mysteries encapsulating the era of fantastical industrial artifice. Beware of the cogs...!

Or why not visit the PEAKY BLINDERS ESCAPE ROOM. Have a drink at the  Garrison Inn, haunt of the distinguished  Shelby Bros. and confront puzzles challenging even to the smartest "slogger".


It will take more than a razor blade in your cap 

(or a distinctive quaff)   to resolve these!

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