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Peaky  Blinder's  Escape  Room

By Order of the Peaky Blinders!


You are hereby summoned to the Garrison Inn, at a time and place of your convenience...


We have suspicions our rivals wish to acquire certain items from our property portfolio. They especially desire the 'Garrison. Or at least have a desire to deprive us of it. Their plans are presently unclear to us. Therefore, when you are in our area please call in for a drink, so you can discuss business with my representative, Mr. Willows. But be aware hostile eyes are upon us and our rivals can strike at any time; and they are full of guile and cunning tricks.


We await you.


T. Shelby. &. co. 

Welcome to the Garrison Inn, property of Shelby Brothers, Co. Enter friend, 

And welcome to our distinctive and most renowned establishment.


We suspect your visit will be an eventful one.…

Drinks can, of course, be purchased at the bar..

But as for the solution to our puzzles, only you alone can discover them!

So, come and book an appointment with the Peaky  Blinder's  Escape  Room


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