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Hello, May I introduce myself? 

Sweeney Todd Esq. Barber to Gentlemen and Hair-Stylist to Ladies of Distinction. Hair and beards trimmed at very reasonable rates. Happy to offer gentlemen a close shave any time, and Madame's as well -  I am a dab hand with ladies’ hair too!

If you are feeling peckish afterwards we have Mrs. Lovett’s meat pie shop next door, with its own distinctive flavored pies. Don’t ask what’s in them, its  our own special ingredient –  

you could say it’s a taste to die for...

Or we have a range of snacks for those of a ...   less adventurous persuasion.

Oh, and please ignore all those nasty rumors about me. Gossip is an evil thing … I'm just a craftsman plying his trade, my sharp razor but a tool ...

Let  me  tell  you  a  story  of  Sweeney  Todd…


No.. just call in on our Sweeney Todd Escape Room,

as a single picture  painted in Kensignton Red encapsulates a thousand words.


Puzzles and tricks aplenty to decipher.


Better solve them all before Mr. Todd Esq., the Demon barber, and Mrs. Lovatt come home. And don’t ask what’s in those pies…it’s a trade secret. Ignore those rumors', no one has ever gone missing around here…. they vanish after going other places. 

Those pies look nice...


This Escape Room contains traditional barber shop décor adjoined to a kitchen fitted with traditional catering equipment (yes, it IS Mrs. Lovatt’s pie shop..!). Find the clues, the puzzles will surely find you…. We have two bars only a few steps away.


Mr. Shelby’s Garrison Inn is usually always happy to serve (unless the Peaky Blinders are otherwise engaged) and the Orient Express drinks car is open when still on the platform and not off on it’s travels. Please ask my assistant, Mr. Willows, he is always happy to help...


My regards to you!


S. Todd (aka "the man who will not be blamed for nothing!").

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